This Cold War Kid

I had the good fortune to be born in 1951, and the greater fortune to be born in one of Manifest Destiny’s westernmost outposts: San Francisco, California.

America was the economic last man standing after the carnage of World War II, which had ended just six years earlier.  I had no way of knowing it as a child, but I was gifted a front row seat to the latter half of the American Century, in a venue where some of the most turbulent cultural changes of that period were to take place.  Timing is everything.IMG_2985

I’ve watched Pax Americana unfold for more than half a century now, and to quote my favorite band, the Grateful Dead, “What a long strange trip it’s been.”  It’s a trip that has taken me from the Bay Area, to the San Joaquin Valley, to India, the Middle East, and Iran.  My wife and I have raised our family in places as diverse as San Jose, California, Portland, Oregon, and Boise, Idaho, where we’ve lived for nearly 20 years.  As of this writing, we are about to turn the page on a new chapter that will take us to Washington State’s Skagit Valley, and our first grandchild.

This website represents a collection of postcards from that journey, and some insights into my life and the events that shaped it that I hope my peers and descendants will find entertaining, if nothing else.  And if perhaps they glean some historical value from one man’s perspective on the history he’s lived through, that’s icing on the cake.  My goal in this website is to be as faithful a witness to the saga of America in the last half of the 20th Century as possible, and to share my own stories as footnotes to that saga.  My hope is that others will take advantage of this venue to do the same.