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Quicksilver Messenger Service band portrait

Quicksilver Messengers

We thought of them so long ago
as rebels with a muse.
As pipers at the gates of dawn
of our infatuated youth.
But they were only lonely boys,
abandoned to their postwar devices
and the silent rage of their daddies over years and innocence
shed for Pax Americana.
They witnessed to our crazy hearts,
and sometimes died for our excesses,
when all they wanted was our attention.

Welcome to Tomorrowland!

Man in Space

One of man’s wildest dreams has been the desire to travel through space to other worlds…

By the time of my birth, human flight was more than a foregone conclusion, it was our birthright as homo sapiens. ¬†Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic solo had taken place less than three decades earlier, and already the idea of flying non-stop from New York to Paris, while still the stuff of glamour, was no more of a technological challenge than boarding a Greyhound bus for Buffalo. Continue reading